Student Homestay in Bristol

Gain first-hand experience of life in Bristol, UK

Safe Supportive Homes

 Our Homestays are an affordable method of short or long term accommodation for international students wanting to study English and participate in the British way of life while establishing long term relationships.


Homestays are undoubtedly affordable and time-saving accommodation options. Our Hosts offer a complete living experience that includes meals, electricity, gas, internet, and laundry facilities, as well as the use of other public areas within the home. You can select from:-

  • Single room
  • Twin room – (twin rooms can only be booked by two students travelling together)

You will be provided with a private furnished bedroom with bedding, a desk/table, desk lamp, and/or wardrobe/cupboard space and chair.


  • We charge a summer supplement for bookings in July and August and during the Easter and Christmas period.
  • We charge a daily fee for specific dietary requirements
  • We charge a one-off supplement fee for bookings less than 4 weeks

Our host families may consist of:-

  • Couples with or without children
  • Families with pets
  • Single parents
  • Lone adults
  • Mature students
  • Professionals etc

They all offer a safe and supportive homely environment. Not only will you be able to practise your language skills, but you will savour some delicious British, home-cooked meals, make friends and establish long-lasting friendships.

In your new home, students feel safe, cared for and have the opportunity to experience British culture.

  • Safety – Each of our homestay dwellings is continually inspected and monitored for the safety of our students.
  • Caring – Our hosts always welcomes students, showing them around their homes and local surroundings.
  • Culture– Students can experience and embrace the diverse multi-culture of their environment by interacting with their host family and community.
  • English – English is the main language spoken by all our hosts’ families.
  • Location – All our hosts live locally, no more than 45 min from the city.


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