Meal Plans

Socialise and eat with your Host Family

Meal Plans

You can select from one of the following meal plans

Bed and no meals. Should you chose self-catering,  you will purchase and cook all your meals  You will be given cupboard and refrigerator space in the kitchen to allow you to store your food and drinks.

Bed and continental breakfast will be offered by the Host which can typically consist of cereals, toast, milk, tea, coffee, fruit, pastry, or similar

meal plans

Bed, breakfast and evening meal. The Host will provide a continental breakfast as mentioned above, plus an evening meal. The Host will prepare and serve the same portion of food they have that evening. It is a practice for everyone to eat their evening meal together.

Bed, breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal. The Host will provide you with a continental breakfast and evening meal as mentioned above, plus a packed lunch, which may particularly contain sandwiches, fruit juice or water, a piece of fruit or chocolate bar and a packet of crisps.  You may choose to have a packed lunch from Monday – Friday or Monday – Sunday.  5 or 7 days a week.


An extra fee is applicable for specific dietary requirements. Vegetarian, vegan, halal or medical requirements etc. The Host will provide these meals and any foods which you have requested. 

“… we got cooked delicious food for us, and they always asked us if we need anything. They really were taking care of us really well. You can really trust them. Our host was so sympathetic and lovely.…”

Toprak Kucukayuz

Student , Turkey


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